Our Approach

Our relationship-driven, proactive approach is geared towards industrial clients

Gear Accent

Philosophy / Purpose

At Momentum, we are relentless in our mission to strengthen, grow and support industrial companies in the United States in the best way we know how—by engineering marketing solutions that are unique to our clients and their goals.

Though we are data driven, we don't need numbers and spreadsheets to tell us what you and our team already know: that buyer and employee behavior is rapidly changing, and industrial companies must stay innovative if they want to keep up.

In the past decade, Momentum has partnered with over 100 industrial businesses. In that decade, we have become hyper-driven to find solutions to common marketing challenges so that industrial companies can continue to thrive and compete regardless of what comes next. The result? A knack for creating highly targeted campaigns that engage and nurture prospective clients, promote sales growth and attract top talent.

Solving Problems

Challenges We Address

Research & Strategy

Identify opportunities for scalable growth by identifying marketing gaps and both yours and competitors' strengths and weaknesses.

Lead Generation

Lead generation refers to the introduction of consumer interest or inquiry into the products or services your business offers.


Engagement refers to the ability to hold users' attention and encourage them to interact with your website at various levels.

Demand Generation

At the most basic level, demand generation refers to generating demand for your products or services. On a deeper level, it should infiltrate every aspect of your sales funnel.


Talent is scarce but necessary to maintain a competitive advantage. Use Employer Brand and Employee Value Propositions to attract and hire top talent.

Brand Awareness

It is not enough to have a brand in today's consumer conscious market. You need to always be building and strengthening your brand's associations in the minds of your target audience.

Brand Alignment

Deliver your brand promise at every customer touch point, including employee behavior, new product development, customer service and sales and marketing efforts.

Marketing Insights

Every marketing activity is measurable. Your biggest challenge is knowing what to track and how to use the insights you generate for everything from ROI reporting to sales lead quality assessment to strategy revision.

Focused On You

Industry Focus

With marketing in our hearts and the Motor City in our backyard, we are all in on industrial and manufacturing clients. This means we work exclusively with clients within these sectors to equip them with the tools, talent and technology necessary to boldly compete and thrive in an ever-changing digital world.



Quality products and referrals used to be the top drivers of your success, but now customers want more. They're in search of better prices, more innovative solutions and a team with which they envision a long-term partnership.


The sales environment in your industry can be dynamic, complex and long. However, it almost always begins with a Google search. Provide potential customers with the information they need to make an informed decision when they need it.

Service Providers

Whether you're in the business of SaaS, metal recovery, slag handling or surface conditioning, it's imperative you position yourself as a trusted leader for all manufacturers and distributors.

How We Do It


Our Process

Any successful marketing campaign begins with a comprehensive blueprint.

Strategy is about setting yourself apart from the competition.

We utilize proven processes that involve situational analysis, competitor research and the development of goals and objectives to drive sustainable results.


Dual Funnel

We are like you. We build solutions to solve our clients' complex challenges.

Attract top talent and generate qualified leads with a dual funnel approach.

Integrate a recruitment funnel into your overall strategy to intelligently communicate with candidates about relevant positions. Momentum deploys a number of tactics, including job promoting, career websites, applicant tracking and more.


Continuous Improvement

We use proven models to innovate sustainable marketing solutions.

A disciplined and data-driven approach is key to obtaining meaningful and measurable results.

Our continuous improvement model is based on the Six Sigma continuous improvement model, which strives to achieve stable and predictable results through clearly defined, measurable processes and unrelenting improvement.


Communication Model

As a bolt-on marketing department, we're available when you need us.

A strong foundation begins with open communication.

Whether you want a run down on the ROI of your campaign or have a few minor suggestions to make, know the lines of communication are always open.


Full Service Approach

Full service digital marketing and recruitment agency for manufacturers, distributors and industrial service providers.

As a relationship-driven marketing firm, Momentum strives to be more than just outsourced expertise—we want to be the marketing arm of your company. We use a proactive approach and provide fully managed solutions to help you overcome the most complex marketing challenges and meet your unique marketing goals.

We work with manufacturers, distributors and industrial service providers to develop and execute sustainable digital marketing solutions. From strategy to lead generation to reporting, we’re ready to do what is necessary to help you compete and thrive in this ever-changing digital landscape.

Case Studies

Client Success Stories

Momentum is a data-driven, results-oriented B2B marketing agency, and we ask our clients to be honest about our performance. If we're not delivering the results we promised, we're not upholding our end of our agreement.

Browse our case studies to see how we don't just meet clients' expectations but exceed them.

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