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Having worked with industrial and manufacturing companies over the last decade, Momentum has become a knowledgeable source for digital marketing in the manufacturing world. We utilize our knowledge to build traffic, leads, and brand awareness for our clients, but we also put some of that information out right here in our blog for anyone looking to learn.
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Should I Use LinkedIn Ads?

There are 133 million people who use LinkedIn in the United States, 500 million worldwide. [1] LinkedIn has also been ramping up its ad platform...
Momentum's new Office Location in Downtown Utica

Our New Office in Downtown Utica

Yes, we've moved! As you may already know, we recently made the move from our old office location in Clinton Township to the heart of...
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How To Keep Up To Date With SEO Trends

The SEO world changes very rapidly. It is estimated that Google makes major algorithm changes at least every 6 months, with smaller ones occurring more...
How to Get More Customer Reviews

How to Get More Customer Reviews

Small business owners used word of mouth to drive sales in the past. Word of mouth was most important for businesses that had been running...