How Gmail Ads Can Help You Get More Sales

By Joel Tiemeyer |

What Are Gmail Ads?

Imagine you could place advertisements in people’s email inboxes, like email marketing without needing a list of emails. That would be a pretty powerful tool for your marketing campaigns, wouldn’t it?

Often, our email inbox is the place where we spend the most amount of our time. It can be extremely valuable to utilize that space to get your name in front of people that normally would never have found you otherwise. Email marketing is a very good way to do this, but it is limited by the email lists you already have.

Enter Gmail Ads through Google Ads. With Gmail Ads, you can place ads right inside a Gmail inbox based on a variety of keywords and placements related to your business. You can use it to drive awareness of your company, which makes people more likely to recognize your brand, which helps to drive more leads and more sales.

How To Get Started With Gmail Ads

Gmail Ads look and act like a regular email. They show up in the promotions tab of Gmail, along with any other emails the user has from that category. There are two areas to focus on here:

Collapsed Ad: This is equivalent to the subject line of a regular email. The idea here is to entice your audience to click on the ad to expand it and view the rest of the ad. You only pay when someone clicks on the ad to expand it.

Gmail Collapsed Ad

Expanded Ad: This is the equivalent of the body of a regular email. This is where you will make your case to your potential customers. You can save and forward Gmail ads, just like a regular email as well.

Gmail Expanded Ad

Reach Your Audience

Once you are ready to get started with Gmail Ads, it’s time to choose who you would like to show ads to. There is a large variety of options to choose from including:

-Keywords: You can enter phrases related to your product or service and Google will choose users to advertise to that fit those criteria. For instance, if you are selling your own line of men’s shoes, you could enter “men’s shoes” as a keyword, and Google will advertise to people who have received other emails related to men’s shoes.

-Competitor Domains: If your competitors have email lists, you can show ads to these people. This is so powerful because you already know that these are people interested in your product or service. You can use your competitor’s hard work of getting people on their email list to your advantage!

-Customer Match (with similar-to audiences): Google allows you to upload a list of emails that you already have, and then use that list to find other Gmail users that are similar to it. This can help you find new customers that are like your other customers if you keep a database of the email addresses of your current customers.

Designing Ads

There are 4 different types of Gmail ads:

-Single Image Ad: A single image makes up the expanded ad

-Single Product Promotion: An image or video with text advertises a single product.

-Multi-Product Promotion: Multiple images or videos for multiple products, each with its own call-to-action.

-Catalog Creative: Like a multi-product, but it contains more descriptive text that creates a magazine-like experience

Types Of Gmail Ads

The type of ad you choose to create will depend on what products or services you would like to advertise. You have the flexibility to test out different types of ads to see which work best for your industry.

Reporting and Optimizing

Gmail ads are usually created to drive awareness and engagement. You can measure this through clicks through to your website, saves, and forwards. Try creating several different variations of each ad and test to see which ad gets the most engagement. For the collapsed ad, make sure you create an enticing headline that grabs attention and makes your audience want to open the ad and view the expanded ad. The expanded ad should be attractive and eye-catching, giving them all the information they need to move on to clicking over to your website for more information.

Gmail Ads are a powerful tool that can help you drive awareness and engagement with your company. By being present in your audience’s email inbox, you can reach them at a time where they may be more open to your message since many people are already receiving email promotions from other businesses. If you are looking to get more people interested in your product or services, Gmail Ads is a great place to start!