How To Set Up Google Analytics On Your Website

By Joel Tiemeyer |

 Why Use Google Analytics?

You wouldn’t get on a plane where the pilot couldn’t see anything, would you? Making decisions about your website without knowing exactly how people are using your site is just like that.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that tells you what people are doing on your website. It can tell you how people get to your website, what pages they see and how long they spend on them. It can tell you basic demographic data about who is coming to your site. Also, it can tell you when users they leave your site. The best part is, all of this is free to use. You can find out more about why Small Business Owners Should Pay Attention To Google Analytics.

Setting Up Google Analytics

To set up Google Analytics on your website, you will need to set up a Google Account if you do not already have one. Once you are logged into the Google Account you want to use for Analytics, go to Click “Sign Up” to get started.

Google Analytics set up screen shot

After that, you will need to enter the details of your account. The account is the top level of the Google Analytics organization structure. If you want to manage more than one website with one account, choose a general name for your account. The

A property refers to each website that you will be tracking with Google Analytics. Enter the website name and website URL for the website you want to track.

Google Analytics new account set up screen shot

Industry Category is optional, but if you choose to provide Google with that information, they may provide you with some specialized features. Also, enter the Time Zone you would like to view the reports in.

Google then asks if you would like to share data that you collect with them. This helps them maintain Google Analytics and fix any issues that might arise. The data is secure and confidential. If you are not comfortable sharing this information with Google, make sure to uncheck the boxes, as they are enabled by default.

Google Analytics configuration set up screen shot

After this, you will need to accept the Google Analytics Terms of Service, and then you will receive your tracking ID, which will need to go on your website. The tracking ID you receive will be in the format UA – XXXXXXXXX – XX.

Add Tracking Script To Your Website

There are a few ways you could add the Google Analytics tracking script to your site, depending on where your site is built. If you have a WordPress site, you can install the Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress, and then put the UA number in the plugin, and you are all set. For other sites, you will need to enter the website tracking script on every page of your site before the </head> tag.

Google Analytics set up screen shot

You are all set! Now you can use all of the reports Google Analytics provides to keep your website running at it’s best!