Common Google Display Network Ad Sizes

By Joel Tiemeyer |

If you are interested in advertising through the Google Display Network, you are in good company. The Google Display Network has many benefits and can help you grow your business. When you are ready to start setting up your first campaign, you will need to know how to create ads in the correct sizes. Ads are placed based on size. If your ad matches the size options for a page, your ad is eligible to be shown there. It also has to match your targeting settings. If you don’t have an ad that matches any of the size options for a website, it can’t show there. Even if you choose to target that site specifically, it won’t show.

It is very important to make sure that you create a sufficient variety of ads in different sizes. Here you will find a complete guide to the types of ad sizes you can create on the Google Display Network, as well as which sizes will give you the most bang for your buck.

Ad SizeNamePopularityText AdsDisplay AdsMobile Text
& Display Ads
300×250Medium RectangleHigh
336×280Large RectangleHigh
300×600Half PageHigh
320×100Large Mobile BannerHigh
320×50Mobile LeaderboardMedium
234×60Half BannerMedium
120×240Vertical BannerMedium
160×600Wide SkyscraperMedium
970×90Large LeaderboardLow
200×200Small SquareLow
180×150Small RectangleLow

Common Google Display Ad Sizes

At a minimum, you will want to make sure to create one of each of the most popular ad sizes (the first five entries in the table above). Anything beyond those sizes will depend on which websites and targeting options you would like to pursue. From there, you can test which size works best for your own campaign. You are now ready to start creating ads!