Should You Consider Using Bing Ads Instead of Google Ads?

By Joel Tiemeyer |

Most people have heard of Google Ads, but did you know that Bing also offers a paid search advertising platform? Google Ads owns a large majority of the paid search marketing industry, but that still leaves a sizable opportunity that you might be missing if you are only advertising on Google. You might have heard people say things like, “No one uses Bing”, or “My customers don’t use Bing”, or “Bing is still around?!”.

It’s definitely true that Bing has been seen as the second fiddle to Google. However, Bing still has a large audience that shouldn’t be ignored from an advertising standpoint. Bing has many users that often do not overlap with Google’s audience, so Bing Ads can be a way to reach a different audience, or it can offer you the possibility of increasing your reach even further if you are already advertising on Google and have the extra budget to add Bing Ads on the side. Bing and Yahoo have partnered together to advertise on the same network, so when you advertise on Bing Ads, you are also able to advertise on the Yahoo network as well, increasing your reach even further.

You don’t want to miss out on new customers, especially if they might be just as good as leads from Google, if not better. If you might be wondering, how do I know if I should be advertising on Bing Ads instead of Google Ads? What are the differences between them? Keep reading to find out!

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Differences Between Bing Ads and Ads

1) Different demographics use Bing Ads vs Google Ads

As you might expect, the type of people who use Bing is different than those who use Google. Bing’s audience tends to be older, but also higher income, while Google’s audience tends to be younger people. If your audience tends to skew older, you may want to consider using Bing Ads to be able to advertise to this group of people.

2) Bing ads has less competition, which often means cheaper Cost Per Click

The attitude that no one uses Bing is widespread, which can actually be a good thing for you as an advertiser. This means that in many industries, fewer people choose to advertise on Bing. This works in your favor because it means that there is less competition for many keywords in Bing. Therefore, the cost per click is often far lower for Bing Ads than Google Ads, so you can get more traffic for the same price. If you have a limited budget, it might be a good idea to start with Bing Ads to get more traffic with what you have.

3) Google Ads has a higher search volume

As mentioned above, Google does have a much larger share of the search volume than Bing. If you are looking for the largest amount of traffic and you have the budget to support it, you should advertise on Google Ads first. As of January 2017, Google sites had 63.4% of the search market share, more than twice as much as all others combined [1]. Bing Ads can still be an important part of your strategy, but only when you want to increase your reach even further beyond Google Ads.

4) Bing Ads allows you to control demographics

Bing Ads allows you to target specific people based on their demographics. Both Google and Bing allow you to target based on geographic location, the day of the week, time of day and device, but Bing has the extra feature of being able to target based on gender and age. This can be useful if you want to target a specific campaign to an audience you know works well for you. For instance, you can set up a campaign selling men’s shoes by targeting men aged 18-34 or selling women’s clothing targeting women aged 50-64. This can help you reduce wasted ad spend by only showing ads to people who are likely to want to buy your product or service, and not those who won’t be interested in you at all. Less waste means more qualified traffic to your site, and hopefully more sales with less time needed to sell to them.

5) Better Search Partners control

Both Google Ads and Bing Ads have partnered with other search engines to show ads on those sites without any extra work on your part. Google only allows you to opt-in or -out of the Search Partner network, they do not allow you to choose which sites you would like to advertise on because the performance is good and which you would like to exclude because the performance is bad. Bing ads allow you more control over these sites at the ad group level. Again, this allows you to reduce waste by keeping your ads from showing to people who won’t end up converting to a customer.

6) Extension options

Extensions offer you an opportunity to extend the size of your ad, which gives you more space on the results page. The more space you take up, the better your ad looks and people are more likely to click your ad. Google offers a few extensions that are not available on Bing Ads, such as affiliate locations, price extensions, and message extensions. One option that Bing Ads has that Google does not is image extensions, which allow you to put up to six images that will appear alongside your ad copy and other extensions. Images add color to your ads and make them more eye-catching. This can help you attract more people to click on your ad, which increases the traffic to your site over others who are also advertising on the same keywords.

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So which platform should you use? If you are already advertising on Google Ads, adding Bing Ads is an easy way to increase your reach. Bing Ads has an easy option to import your existing Google Ads campaigns, which allows you to quickly setup your Bing Ads campaign and spend less time setting up another campaign that is basically the same as Google Ads. You can get more leads with Bing quickly and easily.

If you haven’t started advertising with either platform yet, you can easily get started with either and bring in new business for your company. If you have a more limited budget, with an audience that tends to be older and higher income, you may want to start with Bing Ads to take advantage of the lack of competition. Bing Ads also allows you more granular control of some settings, so if you are interested in spending the time to fully optimize your campaigns, Bing Ads offers you that level of control. If you have a more flexible budget and a younger audience, Google Ads is where you should be starting out. Google also offers many automatic features that can save you time on managing your campaigns.Both Google and Bing offer great platforms for advertising, getting more leads, and growing your business.