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Case Studies

JWC Environmental

JWC Environmental

JWC Environmental designs, builds and services the world’s most dependable waste shredders and screening systems to help customers solve challenging waste reduction and recycling applications.

After struggling with managing their Google ad account in house, they decided to consult Momentum to see what could be done to improve their results. The main concerns were that they needed to generate more leads for the sales team. An analysis from Momentum revealed many opportunities to improve the campaign performance.

JWC Responsive Web Design

Real Results

increase in web leads since Dec 2020 (35 to 151)
of all web leads are quotable
conversions from Google ads in one year


They did not have the time or expertise to manage this in house, They felt they were leaving money on the table by not having a full grasp of how these things work. JWC Environmental recognized they were not seeing the performance they were looking for and as a result their sales team was falling behind on company goals due to lack of quality leads.


The structure of their campaign and bidding strategy needed improvement to help increase leads and Momentum had them roll out a new campaign that utilized new Google Ads best practices. As a Google certified partner, Momentum helped diagnose and correct the issues they encountered and was able to improve the campaign with ongoing collaboration. Over a year later, JWC’s Google Ads campaign is performing at an all time high and is now relieved that they are generating more quality sales leads for their teams and created a new landing page and development.

Project Highlights:

  • Landing Page Creation
  • Google Ads Audit
  • Phone and Lead Tracking
  • Remarketing
  • CRM Integration
JWC Website Homepage

Highly Recommend

"Our previous digital ad agency was not performing to our expectations so in 2020 we decided to conduct a search for a new agency. After several discussions and evaluations we chose Momentum. They not only have the technical experience but they also understand our business - industrial manufacturing. We've seen a noticeable increase in the number of leads we've received since we started working with Momentum. We've been very happy with their work; so much so that we recently contracted with them to handle SEO services. The team has been very responsive, answered all of our questions and provided top-level technical support when needed."

- Rhonda Williams, Director of Marketing

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