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Though a one-stop-shop for industrial turn-key solutions, Lee Industrial Contracting found itself in over its head with website maintenance and updates.

Lee is a unique company in the industrial industry as it utilizes a variety of turn-key solutions to tackle some of the most complex challenges its clients face. Lee’s offerings, which include everything from rigging to fabrication to maintenance and repair, were designed with the hope that the brand would be able to take on plant projects in their entirety. Though the company has been working hard to bring turn-key solutions to the heavy industry for over 25 years, it struggled to maintain a website that worked hard for it.


Though competent, Lee’s internal web developers struggled to keep the brand’s website up-to-date and generating results.

When Lee Industrial Contracting decided to grow its web presence a few years back, it quickly discovered that sustainable growth meant ongoing tracking, improvement and maintenance. In an attempt to keep up, the brand was expending valuable web development resources but didn’t seem to recognize any substantial ROI. Moreover, the team of internal web developers was so overburdened with mundane tasks that on-the-fly updates were out of the question.

Goals & Objectives

Lee wanted a bolt-on marketing department, and that’s what we gave them.

When Lee’s executives explained their challenges to Momentum, our team knew immediately what the brand needed—a full service digital marketing service provider that could step in and assume control of everything from the mundane to essential website responsibilities such as maintenance, updates, tracking, UX/UI and lead generation.


Momentum equipped Lee's website with online forms designed to capture more leads. We also integrated tracking software, which we use to track user flow and streamline the user experience. When Lee has a maintenance or update request, we take care of it immediately, and when we identify areas for improvement, we provide the brand with recommendations for how it can better maximize its web presence.

Key Website Outcomes:

  • Update Website Design
  • Increase Search Traffic
  • Decrease Resource Waste
  • Streamline the User Experience


Since partnering with Momentum, Lee enjoys an increased ability to track website performance, as well as the ability to capture more leads through online forms. Moreover, the company can now delegate digital marketing tasks to reduce resource waste and maximize growth potential.

Momentum is willing to work with your company in every way possible so you see results. They know exactly what it takes to grow your business online. They take your results seriously and always have suggestions on how to better maximize your web presence.

- Rachel Ahlgren, Marketing Director
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