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Specialty Steel Treating

Established a stronger and bolder online presence

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Gear Accent


Specialty Steel Treating has specialized and provided steel heat treat services for over 60 years and needed a bold look to convey its expertise.

From case hardening and applications to quenching heat treatments, SST provides specialized heat treat services to the aerospace, firearms, automotive, heavy equipment, rail, tool and industrial markets. Quality and customer service is at the forefront of all the brand stands for, a philosophy it wished to convey via a value-laden website.


From a dated website to lackluster rankings, several factors kept SST from recognizing its full potential.

Though SST possessed a long-established reputation, it struggled to gain traction online. Its website was dated, difficult to navigate and lacking in terms of capabilities. When prospects searched terms such as “Heat Treat in MI” and “Steel Heat Treatment,” Specialty Steel Treatment was nowhere to be found in the search results.

Goals & Objectives

Momentum and Specialty Steel Treatment collaborated to update the look and feel of the website and boost search engine rankings.

By updating the look and feel of the website and equipping it with optimized content, Momentum hoped to increase SST’s search engine rankings. Both our team and the team at Specialty Steel Treating also felt that we could improve the user experience by offering more capabilities, such as RFQs and online applications.


Our solution consisted of extensive keyword research, competitor and customer analysis and a complete website overhaul. The new website was to have a bolder look, feature search engine optimization and boast both a user-friendly design and features.

Key Website Outcomes:

  • Increased Search Engine Rankings
  • Streamlined User Experience
  • Stronger Digital Presence
  • Increase in Qualified Leads
  • Increased Conversions


Since partnering with Momentum, Specialty Steel Treating now ranks on page one one for popular industry search terms such as "Heat Treat Companies in MI." The bolder image and advanced website capabilities help the brand stand out in all the right ways and position the brand as an ideal industrial partner.

[Momentum] is very easy to work with and communicate with. Problems are solved quickly…and the whole website creation process went very smoothly, as well as the marketing campaign.

- Brianna Sosnowski, Customer Relations
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