The best way to express gratitude is by lending a helping hand

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Community Involvement

At Momentum, we are committed to serving our community by taking an active interest in its development from the ground up.

We prefer a hands-on approach to corporate responsibility, and we truly enjoy working with those who live and work around us. Just as we seek to develop long-term partnerships with our clients, we also strive to partner with local community chambers, school districts, business owners and students to engineer and deploy projects that foster creativity, encourage critical thinking and empower others to succeed.


Many of the skills we value are developed in the classroom.

For this reason, we strive to partner with local school boards and districts to devise best practices for adding marketing and web development courses to curricula.

Honing coding and critical thinking skills, as well as developing web application capabilities, enhances students’ employability and positions them as superior candidates for specialized roles. Momentum also takes every opportunity available to present on seminars on digital marketing best practices.

We take serving and building our community seriously, and we are committed to its growth, education and overall success.

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