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Doubled site traffic worldwide and increased company's productivity

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L&L challenged Momentum to solve its design and content issues, which we did in a highly streamlined way.

As a Tier 1 automotive supplier in Romeo, MI, L&L Products needs a website that showcases its acoustics, vibration reduction, static sealing, structural reinforcement and composite components for commercial vehicle, automotive and aerospace applications. Though based in the U.S., L&L has a global reach and needs a web presence that indicates that.


L&L’s website did not accurately communicate the company’s innovative capabilities or expertise.

Before partnering with Momentum, L&L’s website lacked structure and lead visitors on a wild goose chase. Its content also failed to communicate the features and benefits of its offerings, and nowhere on the site did it mention the company’s international language capabilities. This deficiency may have unwittingly turned away a large portion of the brand’s target market.

Goals & Objectives

L&L challenged Momentum to solve these issues in a streamlined and innovative manner.

Ultimately, L&L Products wanted a digital presence that adequately showcased its expertise and enabled serious prospects to evaluate the brand’s offerings on their terms and in accordance with their timelines. L&L also wanted to appeal to global markets.


From developing a content rich site with proof points such as case studies and customer reviews to streamlining the user experience by organizing the content in a manner that flows seamlessly, Momentum equipped L&L with a website that adequately portrays its competencies. We also extended the strategy to account for up to four language capabilities, all of which align to the company's core markets.

Key Website Outcomes:
  • Increased Search Traffic
  • Content Rich Site
  • International Language Capabilities
  • Seamless Flow
  • Better User Experience


True to our mission, Momentum equipped L&L Products with a website that yields unremitting results. Since launching their new site, L&L has nearly doubled its traffic worldwide. Though our ultimate goal was to drive traffic and increase sales, L&L has achieved several secondary goals as well.

Since operating with Momentum's new site, L&L has enjoyed increased productivity and collaboration. The automotive supplier has also noticed a boost in internal communication efforts. As an added bonus, they now have a one-stop-shop for all their marketing needs.

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