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Roura Material Handling

Helped a century-old company achieve a nearly 50% increase in organic traffic

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Founded in 1915, Roura Material Handling has been serving the material handling industry for over 100 years.

Roura Material Handling is a Detroit based company that specializes in self-dumping hoppers, rotator boxes and, in recent years, stone products. Joseph Roura founded the company as a structural steel business after studying engineering at Carnegie Technical Institute and after serving a brief stint at Detroit Edison.


A decline in rankings, traffic and conversions convinced Roura that an innovative and strategic strategy was necessary to keep up in the increasingly competitive industry.

Though a leading manufacturer in the hopper industry, and despite its 100-year-old reputation, Roura Material Handling struggled to gain search engine share for industry related keywords. Its website was built on outdated technology and its SEO strategy was sporadic and therefore ineffective. Though Roura did try pay-per-click advertising, it knew it wasn’t enough to generate sustainable results.

Goals & Objectives

Roura’s overreaching goal was to increase search engine rankings, boost organic traffic and generate more conversions.

Momentum and Roura collaborated to achieve three main objectives: modernize website design and technology, optimize the brand’s website with popular search terms and increase conversions. To achieve these goals, Roura needed a user-friendly website with a mobile responsive design and an effective, well-thought-out SEO strategy.


Once Momentum and Roura established a partnership, we performed an extensive website, SEO and competitor analysis to determine where Roura's strategy was lacking. Armed with the appropriate data, we built a comprehensive website and authoritative SEO strategy, both of which focused on increasing search engine rankings and connecting with qualified leads.

Key Website Outcomes:
  • Mobile friendly solution
  • Increase in mobile traffic
  • Increase in quote submissions
  • Quote submission management
  • Improved product catalog
  • Increase in visitor sessions
  • Decreased bounce rates


Since partnering with Momentum, Roura Material Handling has seen a 79% increase in organic search engine traffic. Non-branded traffic has risen by 60%, and the projected has resulted in a substantial increase in leads and conversions from organic search traffic.

In addition to an increase in website traffic, Roura's new website has generated a 14% increase in leads from phone calls and a 23% increase in leads from web forms. The website now boasts 43 keywords that rank in the top 10 of Google search results. The average visitor explores 3.2 pages.

It is a true pleasure to partner with Momentum in our electronic marketing efforts. Their expertise and knowledge of the digital world was so important towards a flawless launch to our organization. The return on our investment has been identified immediately.

- Mike Genter, President
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