Signal.X Technologies LLC

Founded in 2004, Signal.X Technologies LLC provides sophisticated end of line NVH testing and measurement applications at a lower cost and in a shorter time than had ever before been possible.

Signal.X reached out when they found that they were having technical difficulties with their website. They realized that being a company that created software products, services, and technologies designed to drive collaborative and data-driven decision-making meant they needed a modern website that matched those core values.
Signal X Responsive Web Design

Real Results

+30% Lead Conversions

Through optimized content, we built out pages to sell visitors on the key details of each product, helping to increase company sales.

+20% Time on Site

With a lot of time planning and collaborating with the client to come up with a new structure for the website, customers were spending more time looking at multiple pages per visit.

"They did a great job on our website refresh. They were very courteous, kept us on track and on schedule, and we are very pleased with the results. "

- Rob Hoffman, Business Development Manager

Signal X Mobile Design