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How it Works

Generate More Reviews

More customers than ever are relying on online word of mouth before they contact a business or make a purchase. Positive, negative, or lack of aggregated reviews can affect whether a visitor turns into a lead for you. Improve the reputation of your business by generating more reviews. Momentum generates more positive customer reviews by integrating review streams with your website, creating a review funnel, and sending out email drip campaigns.


The Funnel Process

Filter out customer feedback and resolve issues more quickly. Our funnel process leads happy customers to sites where they can leave you a review or to a feedback form. If your customer rates their experience as good, they are directed to review sites where they can leave a positive review. If your customer rates their experience as bad, they are directed to a feedback form.


Display Reviews

Many customers browse review sites before they contact a business. Your best reviews are displayed on your website for all to see. The review stream displays an aggregate of the best reviews, which updates as more reviews are collected. Encourage customers to read reviews on your site before consulting others.


Resolve Issues

When customers come to you first, you can resolve the issue AND maintain your positive reputation at the same time. The funnel directs your customers to a feedback form instead of review sites. This prevents your website from collecting negative reviews online and damaging your reputation.


Email Marketing

Send out email reminders to your customers in a drip campaign. The drip campaign sends out three series of emails. The three emails are spaced apart. When a customer leaves you a review, they are taken off of the drip campaign list. Over time, this will help you generate more aggregated reviews.

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