SEO for Manufacturing Companies: Why You Should Consider it!

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Manufacturing SEO
SEO for manufacturing companies

SEO is always a long-term process which never really ends.


Many industrial manufacturers realize that traditional marketing strategies and ordinary website maintenance are not enough to compete in the digital space. Manufacturing SEO is a great way to increase your web presence and rankings in search results.

Realizing a need for a comprehensive SEO strategy means understanding the benefits of optimization. Through rigorous planning and proven strategies that work, our team can establish an SEO strategy to increase search engine rankings and improve the effectiveness and profitability of your digital marketing and branding efforts.

Search engine optimization is an often-neglected digital strategy, particularly in the manufacturing industry. Many companies feel that since the bulk of business stems from commercial enterprises, investing in traditional marketing through trade publications is enough. They neglect the plethora of data that suggests a turn toward a digital preference in all types of enterprises.

Benefits of SEO for Manufacturing Companies

Return on Investment

One of the primary draws to search engine optimization is the long term ROI. Compared to traditional publications and media outlets, an SEO campaign is far less expensive to run and manage. In addition SEO has long lasting value when the proper strategy is executed.

Over time a successful search engine optimization strategy will result in more organic search traffic and higher rankings which is what leads to more quality leads and increased sales.

Enduring Results

A well planed and executed SEO campaign has long lasting results. Think of SEO like compound interest. It takes time to see the benefits of SEO, but overtime the benefits continue to add up.

You can continue to see benefits from SEO that was performed years ago in addition to all newly executed strategies. It has the same compounding effect as compound interest when done properly.

Increased Organic Traffic

One of the primary KPIs of SEO is to increase website traffic. But an increase in traffic may tell the complete story. The wrong strategy may still increase traffic to you website, but what good is this is the traffic does not convert.

The key is to increase qualified traffic from your target audience. With the right strategy you will benefit from an increase in traffic and conversions. Overtime this can lead to substantial increases in both traffic and sales.

Brand Awareness

A lesser known and discussed benefit of SEO is brand awareness. Search impressions will sky rocket over time which in turn means your company’s organic listing will be seen much more frequently.

Users will begin to see and recognize your brand as it comes up in more and more in industry related searches. Which leads me to the next benefit.

Trust and Authority

The more your company is found in search and the higher you rank has proven to build trust and authority for brands. People tend to trust companies that show up more frequency and in a higher position in search engines.

The more authoritative you appear on a topic, the more likely that person is to trust your brand and consider our company. The production of relevant and useful content, produced across several digital publishing platforms, will increase trust and authorty.

Qualified Leads

SEO is always about a lot of resources and efforts put to gain maximum profits which are visible after some time in the future. Often, the step before realizing profits from SEO is in increase in qualified leads.

Writing content for the sake of writing may get your company noticed, but if you are not delivering anything unique or relevant, a web visitor is likely to bounce as quickly as they arrived. It’s crucial to plan and execute an SEO strategy that will work specifically for manufacturing in order to get the most out of your campaign.

Increase Revenue

One of the long term benefits of a successful SEO campaign is an increase in revenue. As your website draws in more qualified traffic from search engines you begin to reap the benefits of more inbound leads. Combined with an effective sales approach, these inbound leads lead to more sales and an increase in revenue.

The longer your SEO campaign has been running the more benefits you will see. Ultimately SEO is a long term strategy set in motion by short term actions.

manufacturing seo
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Manufacturing SEO Strategy

Every SEO campaign should start with a sound strategy. Companies who service locally will have a different strategy from those who are national. SEO for manufacturing companies is different other industries. While some of the same core principals of SEO remain the same the strategy is often different. Crafting a well thought out strategy is the key for all successful SEO campaigns.

So how is SEO for manufacturers different from other industries? Let’s start with some of the core principals of SEO that hold true for all SEO.

Lightning Quick Websites

We’ve all heard the phrase speed kills. Well, that’s not true when it comes to SEO. It is imperative that your website loads quickly both on desktop and mobile devices. Every year Google places a higher demand on faster, better performing websites as users expectations on speed increases.

A fast loading website not only will help you rank higher for relative keywords, but also will keep your visitors on your website longer. Here are some items to consider for page speed.

  • Premium hosting provider
  • Content Deliver Network (CDN)
  • Optimized assets
  • Lightweight framework
  • Limit third party calls

Page Experience signals

Similar to the speed of your website, usability has had an increase in ranking factors in recent time. Google has coined the phrase “Page Experience” signals to encapsulate metrics that are separate from text on the page. This includes signals like:

  • Mobile Friendliness
  • HTTPS (security)
  • HTTP2
  • Intrusive intersitials

These ranking signals are more about the user experience, how pleasant the pages is, and the usefulness of the page.

High Quality Content

Content is the the foundation solid SEO strategy for manufacturers, and you should consider high quality content as an essential component. So what constitutes “high quality” content?

  • Well researched and written
  • Industry specific
  • Provides value to the reader
  • Long enough to provide value
  • Formatted for the web and mobile

In addition to the above mentioned items. Your content should have an SEO propose. Typically this means optimizing the content for a set of closely related keywords (2-3 keyword phrases to start).

Social Signals

Social signals are engagements from social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and they tell search engines how many interactions a website or post has.

Common social signals are comments, likes, dislikes, shares, forwards, views, etc.

Google sees these interactions, and the more there are the better “signal strength” which in turn will warrant a good ranking position in search results.

High Quality Linkbacks

Linkbacks have always been one of the primary methods for obtaining higher rankings in search engines. It used to be that any number of links was considered good, but these days that can be detrimental to your rankings.

The best linkbacks are from credible sources and manufacturing specific. It is much better to have one high quality linkback than twenty low quality.

Interested in Learning More?

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