Account Based Marketing

Account based marketing helps your company prioritize the most valuable clients and drive conversions by focusing on their unique needs.

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Marketing campaigns that focus on your most important clients

For B2B manufacturers, it’s hard to beat the results of account-based marketing.

Account based marketing fuses sales teams and smart advertising to prioritize your most important business contacts. Rather than casting a huge net, this type of marketing analyzes potential customers for factors such as purchasing budget, size, location and estimated order amounts. That way you can invest resources towards cultivating the most promising leads.

Design personalized advertising that takes into account the needs and brand of each valuable organization. Attract the interest of owners and purchasing managers with content that speaks directly to them.

The best digital marketing strategy depends on the type of customers you market to. At Momentum, we can design a personalized strategy for your business with elements of account-based marketing, content marketing, SEO optimization and other cutting-edge techniques. To learn more about how we can help, contact our friendly professionals right away.

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Benefits of ABM

Personalized targeting

With ABM, you can reach out to the real decision-makers for each account. Cut through red tape by contacting owners, executives or specific managers.

High-Value leads

Investing in the most promising leads first is smart advertising. Instead of chasing empty leads endlessly for small orders, you can turn your best prospects into million-dollar accounts.

Client acquisition

When your advertising, social media posts and blog content speak directly to a company’s needs, it’s easy to see that you offer the best solutions.

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