Voice-Directed Warehousing: A Billion Dollar Opportunity

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Voice-Directed Warehousing

A recent report by Persistence Market Research regarding the market for voice-directed warehouse solutions revealed a few interesting facts regarding this fast-emerging markets. These facts have caused a lot of excitement for industry players as conditions have shown themselves to be favorable to facilitate massive growth.

The business intelligence that can be gained in real-time along with the increase in security the technology offers is seen as two main factors driving the growth of the industry. Another growth factor is the ability of voice-directed warehouse solutions to improve the daily operations of distribution centers and warehouses.

Another driver of voice-directed solutions for warehousing is system automation. Order fulfillment, store replenishment, order taking, packing and loading, and other tasks can all be accomplished with the use of these automated systems. Programs allow for the automation of workflows and mobile tasks and intelligence of the system can adapt to handle problems like a shortage of goods. These system factors represent a large reason for the growth of voice-directed solutions for warehousing.

Researchers from PMR were also able to determine that the market for voiced directed solutions to warehousing had been segmented along the lines of technology, industry, and region.

Market Segmentation

The data PMR was able to accumulate demonstrated that the industry aspect of the market experienced deeper segmentation in the areas of food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, electronics, retail, e-commerce, and others. As a whole, this market is expected to experience large-scale growth over the next eight years.

One area where voice-directed solutions to warehousing have paid major dividends is in the retail sector of business. These solutions have proven their ability to give a significant boost to the retail industry by reducing the time it takes to train employees, increasing the satisfaction of customers, and facilitating a higher return on investments.


The market growth for voice-directed solutions to warehousing has also been propelled by its own ability to support the transport and logistics, e-commerce, food and beverage, and electronics industries. These industries have experienced increased customer satisfaction, as well as, better productivity that is a direct result of using voice-directed solutions to warehousing.

Regional Factors

To date, America and Europe represent the largest market for voice-directed solutions to warehousing. This is due to the fact that these markets invested early in the technology that fuels these solutions. It is also noted that many key players in the industry base their operations in these regions.

The success many organizations in America and Europe have experienced at driving efficiency and productivity along their supply chains both on and offline is reason enough to expect the explosive growth projections for the voice-directed solutions to warehousing to be fulfilled in these regions.

The market for voice-directed warehousing solutions is also expected to experience explosive growth in both East Asia and South Asia. The increased usage of smart devices along with the growth of digitization in countries like Japan, India, and China is a large part of the reason this growth is expected. Many countries in these regions are also beginning to adopt more cutting edge technologies. This practice has also become a major growth factor for the voice-directed warehousing solutions market.

A third reason for the increase in demand for voice-directed solutions to warehousing in both East and South Asia is the fact more companies are beginning to offer these solutions in the regions. The combination of these factors should work to positively influence market growth in the period the projection was made.


There are a number of key players in the voice-directed warehousing solutions market that are expected to capitalize on the growth expected in the market. These players include:

  • Domestic Corporation
  • Honeywell
  • Top-Vox
  • Voiteq
  • Lucas Systems
  • Speech Interface Design
  • Zebra Technology Corp.
  • Blue Horseshoe
  • High Jump

These and other companies who provide services in voice-directed solutions for warehousing are concentrating their efforts on providing clients with the latest in advanced technologies. These companies are also partnering with companies that provide solutions for virtual and augmented realities. These partnerships will increase the ability of these customers to find new customers as they work to make the best of the growth potential present in the market for voice-directed solutions to warehousing.

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