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MSI Mold

MSI Mold

Founded in 2005, MSI Mold is an engineering and consulting business serving sales and technical needs of plastic injection molding companies in the greater automotive industry of Detroit, Michigan.

MSI Mold had success with their current website and running Google Ads on their own initially; however, they knew the potential was far greater, as they found their competitors all at the top of their rankings. MSI Mold needed extra help.

MSI Responsive Web Design

Real Results

more organic traffic (3554 from 476)
average sessions per month
keywords ranking


After hitting a wall and no longer seeing results themselves, MSI Mold needed a team of experienced members to help these campaigns reach the next level. They were not ranking organically and were only receiving paid traffic as their competitors were at the top of the rankings. They did not know how to increase their sales and realized they needed outside help.


Momentum worked with them to devise a new plan that would help them attract more customers and help them grow their sales. A search engine optimization campaign was launched to help increase their organic rankings and it resulted in top-ranking keywords. They now receive higher quality leads and have been able to continue growing the business while Momentum marketing partners manage their campaigns.

Project Highlights

  • Video Integration
  • Mobile Design
  • SEO Pillar Pages
  • Call and Lead Tracking
  • Custom Events Tracking
MSI Website Homepage
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