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MSI Mold had success with their current website and running Google Ads on their own initially; however, they knew the potential was far greater, as they found their competitors all at the top of their rankings. MSI Mold needed extra help.

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Total Sessions

Since Launch, MSI Mold has seen nearly 50,000 sessions on their website.


Increase in Paid Search Traffic

After launching a new campaign, MSI Mold has seen a massive increase in traffic to their website through paid searches.


Increase in Organic Search

Not only paid traffic increased for MSI Mold, as a modified marketing strategy led to record breaking organic search increases.


Top Ranking Keywords

New SEO strategies targeted the best keywords for MSI Mold to hit, and since then they have 28 keywords in top rankings.

Your Challenge

After hitting a wall and no longer seeing results themselves, MSI Mold needed a team of experienced members to help these campaigns reach the next level. They were not ranking organically and were only receiving paid traffic as their competitors were at the top of the rankings. They did not know how to increase their sales and realized they needed outside help.

Our Solution

Momentum worked with them to devise a new plan that would help them attract more customers and help them grow their sales. A search engine optimization campaign was launched to help increase their organic rankings and it resulted in top-ranking keywords. They now receive higher quality leads and have been able to continue growing the business while Momentum marketing partners manage their campaigns.


MSI Mold has utilized many services in the past including SEO and web development.

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Web Design

Your website gives potential buyers a first impression of your company, and the design of your website can make or break it.

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Proper SEO strategies help your company get found faster and send buyers directly to your website.

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Sometimes buyers need an extra push, and pay-per-click ads are the best way to get in front of your target audience.

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Enhance everything you have to offer with video to show your buyers exactly who you are and what you do.

Unique Customizations

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