Your website should position your company as an industry expert and excellent service provider as well as showcase your products and services in an engaging, relatable way. How is your website doing? Does it look good and work well on the myriad of devices that people use today? If you answered no then it’s time for your business to get a new website.

We want to be your Michigan web design company, and we have the knowledge, skills, and experience to make your website the premier marketing tool it could and should be. We also make getting a new website and keeping it updated easy for you. In fact, when you choose Momentum, you get a professional website that includes the following services:

  • Professional mobile-friendly design
  • Search engine optimization
  • Hosting and security
  • Dedicated customer support

Design Purpose

After researching your current website’s analytics and strategizing with you to develop a course of action personalized to your company and the products and services it sells, Momentum designs a website that best meets your needs and tells your company’s story in the way and style you want it told. This means that your website is not only customer friendly, but also has the dash, elan, flair and professionalism you expect from the best website designers Michigan has to offer.

Design Process

It goes without saying that Momentum creates a customized website for your business. As we create it, we also make sure it’s highly responsive so your customers and potential customers will have no problems or hassles regardless of what device(s) they use to access it. Our design likewise includes a simple and intuitive navigation system that your customers and potential customers will easily understand.

But of course, content is everything. We know that what your website says and how it says it makes all the difference when it comes to converting your site visitors into your company’s customers. That’s why Momentum offers you complete copywriting services. We can also provide you with a blog that contains an ever-growing number of short articles, called blog posts, that give information about your products, your services, your industry, and anything else you may want. A good blog not only makes you look like an expert in your field but also keeps people coming back to your website to see what you’re going to tell them about next.

Your website will also contain the following behind-the-scenes features:

  • Multimedia functionality so you can show off your products and services by means of mobile-friendly, interactive photo and/or video galleries
  • A content management system (CMS) that makes it easy for you to edit and update pages, as well as create new ones, even if you’re a newbie to website creation
  • Lead forms to make it easy for you to collect contact information about your customers and potential customers, as well as add additional features of your own
  • Lead tracker capabilities that let you easily determine the exact status of each of your leads

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and refers to the multiplicity of ways that our Momentum designers ensure that the search engines will not only find your site easily but also rank it highly on their respective search engine results page (SERP) when customers or potential customers search online for the products and services you sell, even if they do not know of your company’s existence prior to doing that search.

Trusted Company

Momentum is proud that Expertise has designated us the Best Web Designers in Detroit, and UpCity has ranked us Top Local Agency. In addition, we’re also a Google Partner and a Bing Ads Accredited Professional. You can, therefore, trust us to do what you want to be done, when you want it done. So when you want the best Michigan web design company working for you, give Momentum a call at 586-276-7496.