Yates Industries

Yates Industries opened in 1972 and is one of the largest complete pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder manufacturers in the country.

As a company with a focus on quality, service, and reliability in all industries from agriculture, aerospace, and defense to construction and steel, Yates Industries couldn’t figure out where gaps in their online presence were. But, they noticed that their leads were low and competitors were raking them in.

Yates Responsive Web Design

Real Results

48/52 keywords ranking in the top ten

A complete rebuild and reorganization of the website led to better site engagement and SEO, allowing for their customers to find them quick on Google.

Average of 204 conversions a month from Google Ads

Not only did the brand new website look great but it functioned properly and was easy for clients to navigate, which led to a steady increase in leads and sales.

Yates Mobile Design