Mazlite Inc.

Mazlite Inc. is an industrial company that specializes in software and sensor technology for spray and particle analysis that increases manufacturing consistency while reducing material waste.

As a new startup, Mazlite wanted to build its brand and credibility and claim its territory in Industry 4.0 as a strong competitor in the field. Since they were a new company, they needed to pave the path for how the company planned its marketing strategies.
Mazlite Responsive Web Design

Real Results

+115% Page Views

With a new website that spoke to Mazlite’s audience, customers visited multiple pages per visit allowing for more sales opportunities.

- 35% Bounce Rate

An effective structure and a modern look kept customers on their site opposed to clicking off quickly.

"Our company had Momentum build our new website. They were extremely reasonably priced and very professional compared to the other groups we met with and got quotes from. We are very satisfied with the final website. They worked with us through the whole process and were very responsive when we requested changes and needed clarification with anything. Very satisfied with the overall experience and will continue to work with them in the future."

- Cameron Dallas, CTO and Co-Founder

Mazlite Mobile Design