Challenges of Industrial Email Marketing

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Email marketing is a powerful digital marketing tactic that can reach your target audience and provide valuable information. With 59% of B2B marketers rating email marketing their most effective revenue generation channel, it’s worth investigating the potential of including this channel into your industrial marketing strategy. However, industrial marketing comes with its own challenges. Industrial purchasing decisions are complex and highly specialized. A “one and done” email blast is not going to do the job.

So how you can implement this versatile tool in your marketing strategy and overcome the challenges inherent to industrial email marketing?

The Benefits of Email Marketing

First, let’s look at the basics of email marketing. Email marketing, at its best, delivers quality content, such as helpful advice, important updates or competitive deals, to loyal customers or motivated buyers. At its worst, email marketing is forwarding generic, unhelpful advice that none of your contacts want to read.

The ultimate goal of quality email marketing, especially for industrial clients, is to find the right audience and deliver the right, personalized message.

These two goals are highly affected by your company model and your industry. When conducted properly, email marketing should help your company achieve these objectives:

  • Increase lead generation
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Create new subscribers and customers
  • Increase engagement time

How Industrial Email Marketing is Different

In the highly specialized world of industrial and manufacturing companies, email campaigns must be detailed and personalized to the contact’s specific needs. A powerful way to generate new leads is to feature testimonials and case studies from other companies who have similar needs and challenges. Sharing what is working in the industry can be an effective way to boost interest and increase engagement.

Segment your email lists so you can keep track of where your contacts are in the buying process. Industrial marketing takes time and the steps can be extremely small and detailed. Don’t send too much information too fast in an attempt to sell. Education and patience are key.

Industrial email marketing also works well when it communicates important information to previous customers. Many of your customers have entered a long-term partnership with your company, so email can be a powerful tool for keeping in close contact with them.

The Challenges of Industrial Email Marketing

One of the most difficult factors of email marketing is gathering information about your customers. Manufacturers can be slow to participate in digital marketing and may not update their website regularly, so you may not find the information you need on your clients’ websites. Your company needs to find the necessary avenues of gathering information about your audience to better personalize your content.

Send valuable content that your contacts will want to read. Once you establish yourself as a company that sends well planned and researched content your emails will be less likely to hit the trash. Know what your clients are interested in and make sure the email content you send is geared toward their unique challenges. It can take extra time to add this type of personalization, but in the industrial and manufacturing markets, this important step can’t be overlooked.

The ultimate goal of industrial email marketing is to earn the trust of your customers. Don’t send out poor content that offers short-term promotions. Use this popular channel to reach your audience with accurate, specialized information about how you can work together on a long term working relationship.

Improve Your Marketing Strategy

If you need to jump start your email marketing, you need a dedicated digital marketing agency that understands the intricacies of the industrial and manufacturing environment. Contact Momentum today to learn how our team of experienced marketing specialists can craft an email marketing campaign that is grounded in industry research, targets your key audience and uses extensive reviews to ensure proven results.

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