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Email marketing geared for industrial companies

Email marketing is a proven marketing strategy that continues to lead as one of the most effective digital marketing tactics.

Reach new customers, connect with existing customers, and solidify loyal relationships. Email marketing accomplishes all of this on a shoe-string budget.

Email remains one of the most important communication channels we have. Statistics show that 97% of the population checks their email at least once a day. When industrial and manufacturing companies utilize email marketing skillfully, they can build brand awareness, share expert content, and nurture their clients along the sometimes complex sales cycle.

Industrial companies need a marketing partner that understands the unique sales and marketing challenges they face. At Momentum we know how to structure email marketing campaigns that will forge strong customer relationships and promote growth.

email marketing


Build strong customer relationships

The sales process for industrial and manufacturing companies can be dynamic, complicated and long, which is precisely why email marketing is so beneficial. A consistent, well-planned email marketing campaign can be extremely effective at building trust and establishing your company as an industry expert.

Efficient with your time and budget

Email marketing remains one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing available today. Email marketing is relatively simple and inexpensive, especially when compared to other marketing channels. Incorporating automation can decrease time and costs even further.

Easy to measure campaign results

Email marketing software can track numerous beneficial metrics like open, click-through and conversion rates. This invaluable information lets you structure your industrial email marketing to focus on what is working. You can identify ineffective strategies and makes changes easily and quickly. These measurable results also help you identify client interest and engagement.

Unrivaled return on investment

Digital marketing trends continually change but one thing that remains a constant is email marketing’s unrivaled ROI. For every dollar spent on industrial email marketing, you can earn over $30. Regardless of your business size, email marketing is unmatched when considering ROI.

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