5 Email Marketing Campaign Ideas for Manufacturers


If you are a manufacturer, you will know that many manufacturing companies tend to generate sales through face-to-face interaction with customers. However, it is still crucial to recognize the importance of email marketing campaigns.

A well-thought-out email marketing campaign idea could act as a goldmine for manufacturers, especially if they know how to use it well. Email is a versatile medium, and it can help in accomplishing almost any marketing task such as nurturing leads, making sales, and many others.

However, emails can actually be quite easy to ignore. It is important to have effective email campaign marketing ideas so that you can quickly catch your prospect’s attention, and give them a reason to continue reading instead of merely ignoring your email. But how do you make sure that you write your next marketing email the right way? Below are five email marketing campaign ideas for manufacturers to increase ROI, upsell, or expand overall service offerings:

1. Promote a Trade Show

For manufacturers, trade shows are typically organized annually. But the secret to a successful trade show isn’t all about getting your booth ready and heading to the show. This won’t be producing ROI for your company. You need to be able to prepare and plan it well, and you can do this through email marketing. To be able to capture your audience that is interested in trade shows, you can start your email campaign at least two or three months in advance. This can be referred to as your pre-event emails. This way, you can generate hype towards your presence in the trade show and draw in relevant and interested attendees. You may ask yourself this question: “What offer or promotion can get the most pre-event buzz for my brand or company?”

During the trade show event itself, you should also send emails to your leads reminding them to visit your booth while they are at the event. Make sure that your message is meaningful, and that it has relevant and catchy subjects that include call-to-action (CTA) buttons. You may even want to add photos of your booth or offer special giveaways for those who have received the email.

Sending in an email after the show can also be a great way to show your current and prospective customers that you value their time and effort in visiting your booth.

2. Introduce New Services

Do you have a new product or service? But are you curious about knowing if it will sell? For a manufacturer, bringing in a new product can be an exciting time, especially after spending in so much time and effort creating it. But in creating or introducing a new product or service, manufacturers should have concrete plans on how to promote it. How do you do it? When you are launching a new product or service, you may want to try and build tension so that customers’ desires may be triggered to purchase it. You can craft an email regarding the launch of your services or product.

Here are some tips:

  • Send emails about your services or products two weeks before its launch date and unfold the whole concept later on.
  • Send images of your product or services with a countdown. This will build the hype and excitement.
  • Send an email on the day of the product launch.

3. Provide Educational Content

Another email marketing idea you can do is to educate your subscribers about the available products and services in your company. You can do this by providing educational content that can help you establish your company and provide additional value to your customers. For example, you can send in monthly newsletters about your company’s standards, management, and brand milestones. This way, you will be able to establish your company as knowledgeable in the industry. It can also serve as a bridge for you and your current and prospective clients. You can also send electronic reading resources like brochures and manuals.

4. Invite Customers to an Event

Do you have an event coming up? But how do make sure that it stands out from the rest? Event invitation emails are also integral parts of email marketing. Although there are already many types of social media platforms for events, sending out personal emails to your customers is and requesting registration or RSVPs are still some of the best ways of increasing attendance.

In writing an email campaign for your event, below are some tips you can consider:

  • Have a catchy subject line. A relevant subject line can appeal to your customers and increase the attendees to your event.
  • Address your recipient personally.
  • Add relevant pictures, quality content, videos or links to social media.
  • Have an email signature block, a banner or other relevant information included in the ending of your email.

5. Initiate Community Involvement

Continuous online engagement can also enable companies to build a community, along with achieving new customers and keeping current ones satisfied. But increasing community involvement can be challenging, and email can be an effective way to keep your community and make sure that your customers are participating. You can do this by writing press releases and sending them out through email, or setting up a blog and informing your customers and subscribers when a new blog post is up through email.

Wrap Up

No matter the niche and scale of your brand is, you can use email marketing to give your manufacturing business the extra boost it needs to gain more brand exposure, customer engagement, and sales.

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